Pro-Active Planning

Positive Protection recognizes your security needs. Whether you produce one event or many, in one town or numerous locations throughout the United States, PPI is the right security team for you. A single point of contact for all your security demands gives you consistency and continuity, which dramatically reduces security risks. Positive Protection thoroughly researches each venue layout on your schedule. We assess ingress and egress requirements, as well as fire laws. Coupled with a comprehensive knowledge of your security needs, this in depth investigation permits accurate pre-activity trouble shooting.

Properly Insured and Qualified

Unlike many companies, we only employ personnel that have previous Law Enforcement experience and training. We feel that the appearance and professionalism of our staff reflects on your event. Accordingly, our security personnel are outfitted in black suits and ties, with proper identification. The only exception being with closed, overnight security duty. For the safety of our clients, we always practice “Preventative Security”, rather than after the fact follow-up. We work very closely with the Directors of Security and Directors of Conventions, and have become a “Preferred Security Company” at many major resorts. Our personnel will have direct communications with dispatch at all times, and you will have a direct cell number to one of our supervisors 24/7. Our officers are trained professionals. Law enforcement training and experience distinguish us from typical security providers.

Positive Protection’s services are insured by The Travelers. While under our care and control, exhibitors can be assured their material is protected and insured. In addition, Positive Protection carries a minimum of $5 million in liability insurance. Every security contract contains a Hold Harmless clause to protect you

No other competitor provides this fail-safe feature.