Robert Brueggeman,

Robert is the founder and President of Positive Protection, Inc., a California Security Consulting Firm serving the Numismatic, Philatelic and Jewelry Industries since 1976.
Robert is the Executive Director of the Professional Numismatic Guild, a non-profit, international trade association founded in 1955, with membership stretching from the United States to nine foreign countries.
Robert holds degrees in both mechanical engineering and business administration. He has earned an outstanding reputation for the extensive business and management skills which he now brings to his new responsibilities as a member of Positive Protection nationwide.

Kenneth Mullins,
Vice President of Operations

Following a rewarding career with the New York City Police Department, Ken joined the Positive Protection team. His dedicated, hands on approach to customer service and safety led to his rise through the ranks, and induction into the firm as a partner. Ken’s extensive law enforcement training and background, strong leadership skills and ability to work with diverse groups has proven to be an asset to both the trade show and corporate divisions of PPI.

The Team

Positive Protection maintains around-the-clock supervision for all operations. Each site is assigned a Project Manager, who is responsible for all daily operational requirements for his/her particular site. The Project Manager reports directly to the Director of Operations, who is responsible for ensuring that all clients’ operational standards are fulfilled. Positive Protection management and supervision will be on site to inspect the officers frequently. In addition, our management team is available seven days per week, twenty-four hours per day, to assist with emergencies, and to respond to special requests.

Our team will work closely with local law enforcement, hotel security, convention center security, and their management to see that your event runs smoothly and safely.