Corporate Event Security/Executive Protection

Corporate events are often high-profile affairs. Positive Protection is your team that can be relied upon to ensure that executives attending these unique events feel safe and secure. Whether the event is an annual shareholders meeting, a product or service announcement, a corporate retreat, an electoral convention or a corporate celebration, you can count on PPI to deliver customized, reliable service every time.

Again, successful event security depends on planning. Positive Protection will provide you with advanced risk assessment, and develop contingency plans accordingly. Access control and perimeter security monitoring, as well as the security of designated VIP rooms, ballrooms, convention halls and parking areas will be reviewed. The contingency plan will include actions to be taken should an emergency occur, including immediate response programs. The on-site team can offer threat reaction and coordinate with local law enforcement and emergency response service providers.

Trade Shows/Trunk Shows/Escorts

Positive Protection’s senior staff provide security for both jewelry and numismatic conventions and trunk shows. Keeping abreast of security issues throughout the United States is our paramount concern. In addition to our own trained staff, PPI employs local, off-duty or recently retired law enforcement officers to undertake all pick-ups, deliveries, ride alongs and escorts in fifty states nationwide. By using community residents, under the supervision of Positive Protection management, the ideal mix of local law enforcement knowledge and national security affairs is achieved.